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Students Selection Committee 2014-15

Wed, Jun 25, 2014 at 1:58 PM

Hi all Namaskaram,

For this academic year 53 students have applied for help from Mugavari Foundation for their higher studies till now. As announced earlier every year we will form a committee to select the new students. The selection committee members for this year have been finalised. There are 7 members in the committee. The chairman of the committee is M.Banupriya (MF078) and Vice-Chairman is H.Chandrakanth (MF131) . They are going to scrutinise all the applications. Out of the 53 applications reached us till now, they have selected 16 applications which are eligible under Mugavari Foundation's selection criteria on 23.06.2014 at Mugavari office in Chennai. As announced earlier 30th June will be the last date for applying for help from Mugavari Foundation and all those applications which will reach us until June 30 will be scrutinized by them. 
       The other 5 members will carry out direct verification of the selected applications and they will visit the student's home and they will analyse each student background situations. The other 5 members are
1. E.Vasanthakumar (MF032)
2. G.Suriyaprakash (MF119)
3. R.Rajanarayanan (MF158)
4. A.M.Tamilselvan (MF159)
5. R.Anbarasu (MF197)
    These 5 members will give their report to the Chairman and Vice-Chairman and they will finalize the students and the results will be announced soon. All the members of the committee are in turn the students of Mugavari Foundation. We are always transparent in selecting the applications. 

    After the announcement of the results we will also announce  the background of the selected students. Those who are in a position and willing to help us can provide thier helping hands to us so that we can accomodate as many deserving students as possible.


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