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Mugavari Foundation - Consolidated report for 2013-2014

"Being grateful even for a moment changes your life into an eternal bliss" as said by Sadhguru. Mugavari grows keeping it as the lifeline of it. We express our sincere gratitude to all those who gave financial support, guidance and those who attended our function as our guest.

This year some of the following events of Mugavari Foundation are worth remembering.

  • New students meet for the academic year 2013-14 in which Mr.A.R.Murugadoss, the person who sponsored the first student of Mugavari participated(18.08.2013)
  • Mr.Padmanabhan, Auditor and Mr. Jahir Hussein attended a programme of Mugavari and motivated our students in Chennai(16.02.2014)
  • Mugavari book was released by Mr.Saidai Duraisamy, Founder, Manidhanaeyam Charitable Trust and the first copies were received by Mr.R.Krishnamoorthi (M.D, Suriyen Pharmaceuticals Pvt. ltd) and Dr.Karunamurthi(Professor, Anna University)(02.10.2013)
  • Had a chance to meet Dr.Abdul Kalam(Former President of India) with our trustees(03.10.2013) and above all
  • Got the wonderful opportunity to tell Sadhguru about Mugavari Foundation and got his blessings(25.12.2013)

In this academic year we accommodated 40 new students to Mugavari. Out of them 30 joined professional courses and 10 students are preparing for civil services. Besides more than 100 students who are already getting benefited through Mugavari continued getting support from it. Our special thanks to our new sponsors who came forward to support us.

We have submitted our Income and Expenditure accounts to the famous CA.G.Ranganathan Associates (Salem). CA.R.Suresh sir scrutinized our accounts. We have submitted our accounts to Income Tax department today. Our sincere thanks to Suresh sir.

The following king hearted persons provide their supporting hands which helped Mugavari financially (Rs.2203619/- in total)



Dr.Akila Senthilkumar, Associate Professor, SRM Medical College, Chennai


Mr.Arulanandu, MD, Rich India Charitable Trust,  Chennai


Mr.RS. Badrinarayanan MD, Oorvasi Textiles, Salem


S.Balammal, Salem


G.Brahathkujambal, Trichy


Mr.Saidai Duraisamy, Mayor, Chennai Corporation, Chennai


Mr.S.Durai, MD, Texsas Technologies, Chennai


Mr.S.R.Gandhi, Senior Divisional Security Commissioner, Indian Railway Protection Force, Chennai


Mr.M.Jahir Hussian, Chairman, M.Gani & Co, Chennai


Mr.R.Krishnamoorthi, MD, Surien Pharmaeuticals Pvt Ltd, Chennai


Mr.T.Krishnamurhty, FCA,FCS, CFO & Company Secretary, Mohan Breweries P Ltd, Chennai


Mr.T.S.Krishnamoorthi IRS, Former Chief Election Commissioner of India, Chennai


Mr.D.Lakhsmanan, Chairman, Lehnaa Steels, Chennai


Mrs.K.Loganayagi, Salem


Mr.Mahesh, Managing Trustee, Peace & Happiness Foundation, Chennai


Mrs.Mangai Gopinath, Chennai


Mr. Mohammed Naseer [Mr.Sunil Krishna, FCA], Chennai


Dr.S.Nirmala MD, Salem


Mr.R.Pandurangan, Chairman, Vinoth Groups, Chennai


Mr.T.Pitchandi IAS(Retd), Chennai


Mr.A.Prudhivirajan, M.Sc, Arathi Agraharam


Mr.Raghavendra [ Mr. Radha Krishanmoorthi - Srihara Restuarent], Chennai


Mr. A. Ragupathi, PHD Scholar,  NTHU, Taiwan


Mr.V.G.Rajendren, Chairman,  Indira Educational & Charitable Trust, Chennai


Mr.Ramaiya ariya, Software Engineer, Chennai


Mr.Ramalingam, Narmadha Pathipagam, Chennai


Dr.B.Ramaprabha, MDS., Prof. & Chief Civil Surgeon, Chennai


Smt.M.Sangeetha Mohanavel, Director, Acacia Builders, Chennai


Mr.G.Santhikumar, Director, Tejasri Developers P Ltd, Chennai


Mr.Sasikumar, Puliyankurichi


Mr. M.Selvam [ Selvam Medicals, TVL]


Mrs.Sripriya, Founder, Gold Heart Foundation, Chennai


Mr.Sundar Balakrishnan, Project Manager, Cognizant, Chennai


Mrs. Suseendra Balamurugan, MD, Rohini Steels, Chennai


Mr.T.P.Ulaganathan, Managing Trustee, TCP Memorial Trust, Perundurai


Mrs.J.Uma Jayapal, Chennai


Mr.K.Vaidyalingam, Chairman, Balaji Rubber Industries P Ltd, Salem


Mr.C.Veluchami, Industrialist, Chennai


Er.K.Vignesh, Chennai


The following persons and Institutions helped us either by providing admissions to our students in their educational institutions or took full care of particular student/students



Mr.A.R.Murugadoss, Film Director, Chennai


Dr.T.R.Pachamuthu, Chancellor, SRM University, Chennai


Prof.Latha, Anna University, Chennai


Mr.Selvakumar, Anandham Foundation, Chennai


M.Madhankumar, Turning Point Study Circle, Velachery


Mr.R.Devadoss, Ex.M.P, Salem(Catering college)


Manidhanaeyam IAS, IPS Academy, Chennai


Smart Leaders IAS Academy, Chennai


Times IAS Academy, Chennai


King Makers IAS Academy, Chennai


Tagore Engineering College, Deviyakurichy


Bharathiyar College of Arts and Science for women, Deviyakurichy


Maruthi Higher Secondary School, Deviyakurichy


Isha Foundation, Coimbatore

Saidai Duraisamy sir provided Rs.180000/- towards food expenses for 20 of our students for the academic year 2013-14 besides providing room for them. Gurunanak College, Velachery is providing Auditorium for our functions. Mr.Thiyagarajan (Designer of Mugavari Book) and Mr.Theerthappan(made delicious food for Mugavari function) also worked with care for Mugavari. Mr.R.Krishnamoorthi and Mr.K.Vaidhyalingam helped us in bringing out Tamil edition of Mugavari book whereas Mr.P.Arivanantham, Advisor, Indian Bank gave his word to take care of the expenses of bringing out the English edition of Mugavari book. Our sincere thanks to one and all for helping Mugavari traveling in this growing path. Many other people helped us in many other ways. Our heartfelt thanks to all.

One of our aims is to take care of all our expenses with the contribution from the successful Mugavari students through Vanavil Scheme. We are happy to inform you that the contribution from Vanavil students for this year is Rs.93190/-. We hope the share from Vanavil keeps on increasing and it overcomes funding from others very soon. The following are the contributors of Vanavil Scheme.

1.      A.Ragupathy

2.      M.Boopathiraja

3.      M.Vetrivel

4.      K.Karthikeyan

5.      R.Vinothkumar

6.      M.Vigneshkumar

7.      G.S.Durga

To improve the functioning of Mugavari Foundation we have streamlined our Trust and the following will be the new functionaries of Mugavari Foundation

Founder cum Managing Trustee:

1. Mr. K.Ramesh

Founder cum Managing Trustee:

1. Mr. K.Ramesh


2.      Mr.D.Sundaramoorthy

3.      Mr.R.Saravanan

4.      Mr.D.Jaisankar

5.      Mrs.Gowri Krishnamoorthy

6.      Mrs.Suseendra Balamurugan

7.      Mrs.Sangeetha Mohanavel

Advisory Committee:

1.      Mr.Saidai Duraisamy, Founder, Manidhanaeyam Trust, Chennai Mr.M.Boopathiraja

2.      Mr.A.R.Murugadoss, Film Director, Chennai Mr.K.Karthikeyan

3.      Mr.R.Krishnamoorthy, Managing Director, Surien Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd, Chennai

4.      Mr.K.Vaidhyalingam, Chairman, Balaji Rubber Groups, Salem

5.      Mr.V.Nandakumar IRS, Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax, Chennai

6.      Mr.A.Selvaganesh, B.Com,F.C.A, Chartered Accountant, Partner, Manohar Chowdry and Associates, Chennai

7.      Dr.B.Ramaprabha, MDS, Prof & Chief Civil Surgeon, Conservative Dentist and Endodontist. Tamilnadu Govt Dental College, Chennai

 Students Panel Committee :

1.      Mr.A.Ragupathy

2.      Mr.M.Boopathiraja

3.      Mr.M.Vetrivel

4.      Mr.K.Karthikeyan

5.      Mr.R.Vinothkumar

6.      Mr.M.Vigneshkumar

7.      Ms.G.S.Durga

Some good articles regarding Mugavari have been published in famous newspapers and magazines including The Hindu English paper, Namadhu Nambikkai, Telugu Paper Enaadu and in some other online magazines which gave a positive outlook for Mugavari.

10 of our students have been selected in Campus interview for various posts in various companies. These are some of the happenings of Mugavari Foundation starting from 01.04.2013 to 31.03.2014. We have updated most of these in our previous mails but this  is a consolidated version of our activities throughout the year.

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