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“Only because of those who live for others, the world functions smoothly” says the ancient Tamil poetic work “PuraNanooru”!Today there are a number of organizations striving ceaselessly to alleviate the pains of specific sections of the society like the physically and mentally challenged, orphans, uncared-for old age people, among others. Particularly, there are organizations which focus on helping to provide continued higher education for the economically poor students.

At ‘Mugavari’ we too help poor students pursue their higher studies, to the best of our abilities. But there are some basic structural differences between us and the other such organizations. Most other organizations are run by individual or group of people who are already successful in their carrier and life. They are usually financially self-sufficient. Hence, they start with clear-cut guidelines and operating procedures. In contrast Mugavari came into being under unusual circumstances. The exertions to help out a deserving female student financially for her higher studies, the countless trips to convince sponsors adopt each deserving student for their studies, form the basis of the movement called Mugavari. The Hindi movie Lagaan motivated us in this long process. The much labored efforts of the hero of that movie showing a lot of gumption to gather like-minded people for a common social cause left a deep impression in me.

First, we were helping those few students who reached us for help, by word-of-mouth reference. But, as stories and articles started to appear in a few popular magazines, the number of qualified students seeking our help multiplied quickly. Scanning such students’ background simply forces us to accept their request. But, at the same time, we cannot add additional financial pressure on our regular sponsors too. At this juncture, the students who benefited from Mugavari made a suggestion to compile our past efforts and make it reach various sections of people so that those who are able to provide support to our noble cause can know about us. As a part of it we have compiled all our past efforts in this website in a transparent manner.

Judge us by our action. And, if you are impressed, persuade your friends to have a look at this website.

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