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All living beings in this earth are compassionate. By creating a suitable environment, the kindness present in each and every individual can be kindled to bring out more empathetic thoughts and sympathetic actions. Such encouraged individuals will in turn be a tool to motivate more people around them to be more compassionate. Creating such passionate individuals filled with compassion is the main aim of Mugavari .

To attain the goal of their life, students come to Mugavari in search of assistance. Mugavari helps these students in attaining their goal. Mugavari doesn’t stop with that. Only when the compassion inside that student is kindled, Mugavari’s aim is fulfilled.

There was a mountain without any path. A person decided to climb that mountain. So he cut down the thorns and trees and creates a path, that is not so good. It takes 6 months for him to reach the peak. The person who comes after him removes the stones in the path. He takes 3 months to reach the peak. The person who comes after him levels the road and creates a proper path. He takes one month to reach the peak. The person who arrives at last lays a proper bitumen road. So he travels on the path in a car and reaches the peak within one hour. Because of the difficulties and pain endured by the previous travellers the last person was able to reach the peak within one hour.

If each individual reaches the peak based only on his own effort, then depending on their ability, it would have taken 7 or 8 or 4 months to reach the peak. But since all the people choose the same path, the last person could attain the peak within one hour. If a few more people travel in the same path, the truth might be that it would take only one minute to reach the peak.

In this story, just like the hardships of previous travellers which helped the travellers who followed, students previously benefitted by Mugavari can help the succeeding students to realize their goals by sharing a little of the knowledge and monetary benefit earned by them. Mugavari encourages all its students who got benefitted by them to perform this noble endeavour.

Vanavil means Rainbow in Tamil. Vanavil is one such program introduced in this regard. Under this program, students benefited through Mugavari could contribute 7% of their salary to Mugavari, which will be utilized for the education expense of the next enrolling students. The highlight of this program is naming this scheme as Vanavil by a beneficiary of Mugavari M. Boopathiraja, who is now working as an A.O.M, Palakkad division of Southern Railways.

A. Ragupathi, currently doing research in Taiwan, has come forward on his own and gave the first contribution to Vanavil. Also, lot of students who are currently pursuing their studies through Mugavari are eager to get themselves involved in Vanavil after earning a degree and a suitable job. We anticipate that day when the entire education expenses of Mugavari students could be fully sponsored by previous Mugavari alumni itself.

Seven students who have committed to engage themselves with Vanavil, have shared their happiness and experience which we have uploaded in our website under the head Vanavil Student Sharing. On witnessing this, it is very much apparent that Mugavari’s aim is getting fulfilled.

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