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I am Ramesh. My native is a small village named ‘Arathi Agrahaaram’ in Attur, Salem district, Tamil Nadu. My parents were labourers in the agricultural farms. One elder sister and one younger brother are my two siblings.

Having completed my graduation at Namakkal Arts College in B.Sc. (Maths) and with an aspiration to complete C.A. and become an auditor, I started working at the office of Auditor Salem G. Ranganathan, under Auditor Suresh, through recommendation from Advocate Masilamani. During this period, when my sister passed away due to heart disease, it was a huge blow for me. Later, in March 2002, Kasthuri, a grade 12 student of our village scored 1136/1200 and was willing to pursue M.B.B.S. but as her entrance exam score was not sufficient she could not get an admission. My sister’s demise and Kasthuri’s eagerness to take up M.B.B.S. together created a great impact in me and I decided that I will help Kasthuri to realize her dream of becoming a doctor, come what may.

Next year, my brother S.K. Lakshmanan helped her to enroll for a coaching class to write the entrance exam. Kasthuri put in her best efforts and scored good marks achieving 3rd rank in the state level. Though she got the M.B.B.S. seat, for the admission expenses I had to request many people for help. It was the time, when the movie ‘Ramana’ was released and it made a huge impression on me. For the first time, on 24th June 2003, I met A.R. Murugadoss Anna, the director of the movie and requested for help. His approach gave me so much confidence. And thus by helping a poor girl for higher studies it was A.R.Murugadoss Anna who sowed the seed for an organization, which in the later years named ‘Mugavari’. I am greatly indebted to him for my lifetime. Whenever matters about ‘Mugavari’ are being discussed he emphasizes not to postpone my marriage and caringly advises to get married as soon as possible. On hearing his voice a positive energy engulfs me always. He is not only a great person but also like a brother to me. I feel fortunate to have got his contact.

By helping a poor girl to accomplish her dream of becoming a doctor made me realize the fact that a sincere effort will lead us to many such hearts with helping tendency. Following this, few more students from my village started approaching me seeking help. I was 25 years old then. It was the time, I wanted to lay a strong foundation for my life and was preparing for C.A, but could not refuse those students who came to me in need of help. At that moment, I did not have any idea of forming an organization. At the same time as I did not want to spoil their future by refusing help, I started running around to look out for financial aid. Only then I understood that it is not easy to get financial assistance to all streams of higher studies as earlier received for M.B.B.S. In spite of all the hardships I still managed to garner support and help the students in whatever way possible.

At this point of time, I realized that if I continue in a proper organized way I shall be able to help more number of students. All the efforts that I undertook regarding this initiative only shattered my hopes of becoming a C.A. On top of it, as my financial pressures also added up I became mentally stressed. Isha Yoga helped me in overcoming this stress. I will not be writing this article and my life would have been in a different direction, if I had not met Sadhguru. It was Sadhguru who held my hand and showed me the right direction of life. I am very gifted to live during his life time. The students of Mugavari too are getting benefitted by learning Isha Yoga. One day, while I was returning with peace of mind after the meditation at the ‘Isha’s Dyanalingam Temple’ the name ‘Mugavari’ dawned in my mind. With seven students who were beneficiaries we went to Gandhi Mandapam in Chennai on October 15, 2006 and named our organization as ‘Mugavari’.

At this juncture, people like Mangalapuram Saravanan Anna, Govindharaj Anna, Advocate Masilamani, Durai Anna (Texsas Tech), Lakshmanan Ayya (Lena Steels), Tagore Kalliappan, Agaram A.P.Paramasivam Anna, Namakkal S.R. Jawahar Anna, CA T. Padmanabhan, Paalam Kalyana Sundaram Ayya were pillars of strength and provided support to Mugavari during those tougher times. In particular, 'Paalam' Kalyanasundaram Ayya gave me immense encouragement. When I told him that I have named our orgnization as ‘Mugavari ’, he was very happy and addressed me for the first time as ‘Mugavari  K.Ramesh’, the title which has now become permanent. And thus at the middle of 2007, Mugavari became a foundation with 21 students already benefitted through it.

During this period, we were staying in a rental house at Dhandeeswaram, Velachery. While many students believed in Mugavari and came to us for aid, we were not in a position to help everyone. We were in a financial crunch that even the rents could not be paid. As I was not taking care of my personal life, I had conflicts with my family too. When the situation went unbearable I decided to give up Mugavari on 31st August, 2007. I opened my mind to one of the students Vetrivel. He said, “For your nature, Mugavari will be the right choice. There are many who can study C.A. and work in that field, but this deed is possible only by people like you. It may be a tough path to travel but many students will get benefited. Please do not leave Mugavari.” I totally accepted his words.

Vetrivel not only gave this idea, but also took initiatives to get into action and guided Mugavari to move forward in the right path. Mr. Boopathiraja, who came to Mugavari through him, also acts as a pillar of strength for us and both remain as the eyes of Mugavari.

From September 1, 2007 I immersed completely into Mugavari’s actions. Slowly, many doors started opening for Mugavari. On October 4, 2007 I had the opportunity to meet the ‘Humane Person’ Saidai Duraisamy. He permitted not only to make use of the room next to the marriage hall he owns at Velachery but also took care of the food expenses of the students. He shouldered Mugavari at a sliding situation and made it a known name. Till date, I owe him the the food I eat. It’s because I had a place to stay and get sufficient food I could implement Mugavari’s action in the right path and take it to the next level. It is due to none other than ‘Humane Person’ Saidhai Duraisamy. Similarly, to this day Gowri akka, Suseendra akka, Vavipaalayam Sundaramoorthy anna and my mother Pattathal all supported me financially even if I do not request them and are very affectionate with me and Mugavari.

I met Mr.R. Krishnamoorthy anna, MD, Suriyan Pharmaceuticals for the first time on 23, March 2009 at Vetri Lodge, Kallakurichi. Due to his down to earth friendship even now I am like a member of his family. By helping many of our students he took it to a new dimension. Sharing his experience he always says that I should not leave my identity and that’s my strength.

Chairman of Balaji Groups Mr. K.Vaidyalingam ayya consider us a part of him and introduced us to many hearts with a helping tendency. S.R.M University Chancellor, Dr. Paarivendhar receives me always with a sweet smile, enquires my need and helps our students to get educated in their University. Mr. Perundhurai T.P.Ulaganathan without any publicity helps in many ways for the past 4 years. Only very recently he accepted to disclose his name after my repeated requests.

We have published a book in Tamil which is a document of all our activities for the past 11 years. The book was released on 02.10.2013 by Mr.Saidai Duraisamy (Mayor, Chennai) and received by Mr.R.Krishnamoorthy (M.D. Surien Pharmaceuticals), Dr.L.Karunamoorthy (HOD, Anna University), Mr.Balasubramaniyam (Nallore Vattam) and Mrs.Sripriya (Gold Heart Foundation). On 03.10.2013 I got an opportunity to meet Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam with our Trustees and gave him a copy of the book. He is very happy of hearing about Mugavari and he blessed it to grow well. It is really a wonderful moment considering we named the Foundation as Mugavari on his birthday (October 15, 2006)being inspired by him.

Above all I got a chance to meet my Guru Sadhguru, with our Mugavari students (A. Prudhiviraj and E. Vidhya), on 25.12.2013 and told him about Mugavari and gave the book. It is the best moment of my life speaking to my Guru about what I have done so far.

Like all these great people Mugavari has a very good relation with all those who support and help us. We from Mugavari meet a lot of people one by one to get their help like how a house is constructed brick by brick. Also, we have a good rapport with each of them. Today, almost 133 donors are supporting and financing us and 232 students got aid. Many students have come out of our foundation successfully.

Our very first student Kasthuri studies M.S. Opthalmology at Madras Medical College. M. Boopathiraja IRTS successfully cleared 2012 UPSC Civil Service exams and is now working as A.O.M, Palakkad division of Southern Railways. A.Ragupathi has taken up research studies at world famous NTHU University of Taiwan. One girl student has cleared Group I, TNPSC exams as District Registrar (D.R.). Ten students have cleared Group II TNPSC exams, Banking exams, TET and Govt. Sector exams. 29 students are studying in government medical colleges. 22 students are studying in Anna University.

Justice V.Ramasubramaniyan, Former Chief Election Commissioner of India T.S. Krishnamoorthy I.R.S, T.Pichandi I.A.S., T.K.Rajendran I.P.S., V. Nandakumar I.R.S., S.R. Gandhi R.P.F., our Former President of India Dr.Abdul Kalam’s scientific advisor V.Ponraj, New Generation Media Managing Director R.P.Sathya Narayanan, Padmashri CA T.N. Manoharan, Chartered Accountant A.Selvaganesh, CEO of Dhyan Infotech Ram SakthiKumar, Dr.Ramaprabha, Dr. Akila Senthilkumar, CFO of MBDL T. Krishnamurthy, Dr. G. Arumaikannu, Er. K.Kavitha, Chairman of Rich India Groups Dr. D.Arulanandhu, Thamizharuvi Manian, ‘NallorVattam’ Balasubramaniyan, ‘Yennangallin Sangamam’ J.Prabhakaran, Gold Heart Foundation Sripriya and ‘Prime Point’ Srinivasan wsere all instrumental in paving a right path for Mugavari and its students.

As in the beginning we were helping only for those students from our village, today as many as 55 students from our village alone are pursuing their higher studies in various fields. In this, it is important to note that girl students are equal in number with that of boys. Five students have taken up Ph.D research studies. Later, students started approaching Mugavari from peripheral areas. Students are approching us from all parts of Tamilnadu as articles about us have been published in leading magazines and News papers including ‘Pudhiya Thalaimurai’, ‘Anandha Vikatan’, 'The Hindu' and also some online magazines. For the academic year 2014-15 we have received 72 applications. Out of it we have selected 22 students after severe scrutiny as per our students selection process.

At this moment of joy while thinking about the development of Mugavari, I express my sincere gratitude to all the great hearts that helped the growth of Mugavari. I believe that I had only been nothing but just instrumental while all this happened. that,

My dad’s hard work and innocence, my mom’s honesty and sacrifice, my elder sister’s love and affection, my younger brother’s care and kindness and the impact it made in my upbringing were only the very basis of this. Mr. D. Jaisankar who has given me strength and encouragement for the past 15 years in spite of all differences, too helped in the growth of Mugavari. Along with this, the dedication and support provided by my beloved Sister M. Banupriya & Vanavil students A.Ragupathi, M.Boopathiraja, M.Vetrivel, K.Karthikeyan, R.Vinothkumar, M.Vigneshkumar and G.S.Durga motivates me and strengthen my thought to support more and more students like them.

The involvement of all the other students also enhances Mugavari to grow, spread, and flourish. Apart from all this, my dad who is uneducated, helped out of his way, to get my maternal uncle educated who is now an engineer. My dad brought me up according to my will and wish. Though he was worried that I was not financially sound enough, he was clear of the fact that I should never feel hurt. Besides he also understood the importance of education very well. If he had been alive today he will be the happiest person seeing the growth of Mugavari. It is sad that time took away him in an awful demise. My father is my role model.

I would not have done anything without all these people. We completely realize the thought of Saint Poet Thiruvalluvar that, ‘Even though it is small one, a timely help is as big as this world’. We will see to that we are always in contact with those who helped us. This quality of appreciating even a small help in a big way is what that took us to such a high platform. That is what made us permanently incorporate the phrase, “Gratitude is Life” in our logo. Our gratitude is the catalyst that helped our growth. Our nature is to be thankful to everyone. At the same time our actions too are unique at our foundation.

My wish is to create more and more officials who keep alive humane tendency. I particularly like Mr.Udayachandran IAS, who as the district collector of Erode arranged for a bank loan for many students at one shot. He could easily accomplish in just a day what we have been struggling for many days now. My wish is to develop more and more such dedicated and helpful officials.

The main aim of this edition is to help those deserving students in one way or the other. As a proof, we put forward our past actions. Our actions consider transparency and honesty as its two eyes.

I feel shy when everybody mentions me as ‘Mugavari  K. Ramesh’ and it’s purely because the belief they have in me. When some students joined to work with me, they wanted to fulfill my personal needs, which I refused and instead requested them to associate themselves in ‘Vanavil’ scheme and start supporting students who may come to our foundation in the future, because it is not ‘Ramesh’ but the growth of ‘Mugavari’ that is important. My wish is that the name Ramesh should fade out and ‘Mugavari’ should shine and remain forever. Also, in this effort of mine, many generous hearts as a team should come together, work and pave way for the dream of many students. So we have formed different committies like the Trust, Advisory Board & Students Panel to get support and provide feedback to take Mugavari to a new dimension.

As many loving heart’s desire I shall definitely satisfy my personal needs on my own. I am going to start Organic stores soon. I am happy to say that Sadhguru named it as ‘Linga Bhairavi Organics’ on 02.08.2014. My wish is that the Organic stores which I am going to start will serve my personal needs as well as it should serve as a platform for furthering the cause of Mugavari. I am full of hope that in the next 7 years both Mugavari and Linga Bhairavi Organics will be in a next higher dimension of growth.

If you think you are immensely satisfied in our activities, stretch a helping hand and also if you can make us reach those with a magnanimous nature. With that many poor students’ dreams might come true because, now you too are a part of our foundation.

With hope,
Mugavari K.RAMESH .

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