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Mr.Ayyakannu (A.Ragupathy father)
Greetings! My name is Ayyakannu. I am a farmer living in Arathi Agraharam village in Salem District of Tamilnadu. My eldest son A.Raghupathi is a Mugavari student. I could provide education for him only up to basic graduation in B.Sc. Chemistry. I don’t have financial resources to help him study post-graduation. In this difficult situation, Mugavari Foundation accepted to support him till he completed his M.Sc. M.Phil. Now my son is doing his Ph.D. in Chemistry at NTHU, Taiwan. He receives Rs.40000 as monthly stipend.
When he wanted to hand over his first stipend amount to me, I told him that I would be proud and happy if he gave that amount to Mugavari, the Foundation which helped him reach higher planes in education and life.
When parents themselves are unable to provide for education to their children in this world, it is highly laudable and no small matter to help so many students chase their dream of higher education. I and my family will always stand by Mugavari Foundation.

Mr.Muthusamy (M.Boopathiraja’s father)
My name is Muthusamy. I belong to the Anaiyampatti village of Gangavelli sub-district in Salem district, Tamilnadu. I am a small-scale farmer. I supported my eldest son Boopathiraja to complete his B.Sc. Maths graduation. But, due to my financial situation, I could not help him to attempt IAS exams. At that time Mugavari said they will help him pursue his IAS dream. They took care of the entire expenditure during his 2 years of stay and studies at Delhi. As a result, he cleared the UPSC exams and is undergoing IRTS training at Lucknow. And, my younger son Thangadurai is presently studying medicine in Tirunelveli Medical College, thanks to Mugavari. As my elder son earns decent stipend during his training period, he supports his younger brother financially. Moreover, he voluntarily contributes 7% of his monthly earnings to Mugavari’s,“Vanavil” (rainbow) scheme. This gives immense satisfaction to my family and me. Our entire family is indebted to Shri.Saidai Duraisamy who helped my eldest son continue his higher education, Shri.Krishnamurthy, Mugavari Foundation and its founder Shri.Ramesh, forever.

Mr.Marimuthu (M.Vetrivel’s father)
My name is Marimuthu. I live in Arathi Agraharam village in Salem District of Tamilnadu. We were well off once. But, bad times arrived soon. My son Vetrivel had always desired to pursue IAS. But, I could not help him, in spite of my best efforts. At that time, Mugavari came to my rescue. They helped him complete B.A. (History) in Loyola College and then to Delhi for his IAS preparation. The entire expenditure for his efforts was taken care of by Mugavari. Now, my son has cleared Group-II exams and is working in Tirupur Regulated Market. He is also preparing for his IAS exams. He contributes 7% from his salary as Group-II employee to Mugavari’s,“Vanavil” (rainbow) scheme, making me and my family happy. I wish the others who benefited by Mugavari too did likewise. “It is worthwhile to even beg, for continuing one’s education” stresses an old Tamil maxim. True to its spirit, Mugavari Foundation has charted its course of action. We are eternally indebted to Shri.Krishnamurthy who sponsored the entire education expenses of my son, Mugavari Foundation and its founder Shri.Ramesh.

Mrs.Kannammal (K.Karthikeyan’s mother)
My name is Kannammal. I live in the Arathi Agraharam village in Salem District of Tamilnadu. I have two sons. When they were kids, my husband passed away. Due to family circumstances, I could provide only for my younger son’s education till school final. No one from our family circle has completed graduation. I wanted to make at least my son Karthik a graduate, I started to work as a construction worker in Chennai. At that time, Mugavari Foundation came to our aid. Karthikeyan completed his B.Sc and B.Ed. graduations. Now, he is working as a teacher in a private school. He is contributing 7% of his salary to Mugavari’s “Vanavil” (Rainbow) Scheme. We are extremely happy to give back our mite. Both my son and I feel indebted to Mugavari for the timely help they rendered.

Mr.Ravichandran (R. Vinothkumar’s father)
My name is N.Ravichandran. I am blind in both my eyes. We had the good fortune of meeting the Vice Chancellor of SRM University, thanks to Mugavari founder Shri.Ramesh. Fully aware of Shri. Ramesh’s charitable work, the Vice Chancellor offered complete free education along with free hostel facilities for my son to do his Engineering course in the university. Now, my son is a proud Civil Engineer in the construction industry. Mugavari arranged to provide the platform for my son to become a civil engineer. Now, I am proud to say that even my son has become a member of Mugavari’s “Vanavil” (Rainbow in English) Scheme and wholeheartedly contribute 7% of his income towards its activities. I sincerely wish all the students who benefited by Mugavari contribute likewise to sustain and grow its “Vanavil” activities.

Mr.Murugesan (M.Banupriya’s father)

My name is Murugesan. I belong to Kallanatham village of Attur area in Salem District. I am a clothes merchant doing business travelling on my bicycle. When my income was insufficient even to run my family, my daughter excelled in her studies to become the school-topper. As I had no financial resources to send her to college and was at a loss as to my next step, Murugesh and Lakshmanan told me about the Mugavari foundation. And, we met its founder. Without any hesitation, Mugavari adopted my daughter for all her educational expenses at the MIT (Anna University), Chennai. But for Mugavari, we wouldn’t have got our social identity.

Mr.Govindan (G.Suriyakala’s father)

Greetings! My name is Govindan. I live in the small village called Melnariyappanoor of Kallakkurichi Tehsil in Villupuram District. I am a small scale farmer. My daughter scored 1110 marks in her +2 exams. Still, I could not send her to college, as I lacked financial resources. Then, I heard about Mugavari Foundation. I contacted them and requested for help to send my daughter to college. Without hesitation, Mugavari said yes. My daughter chose the Trichi branch of Chennai’s SRM Group Medical College to study. With Mugavari’s initiative, we met the Chancellor Shri T.R.Pachamuthu who offered concessions in college fees. Further, Mugavari gives a monthly stipend of Rs.1500. I thank Mugavari for lighting the lamp of hope in the lives of poor people like us.

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