Secret of giving - Sadhguru

Today we feel we must emphasize the importance of giving in the society only because taking is happening in large volumes and giving has become scarce. But in reality, giving and receiving is the basis of all transactions; Existence is happening in a constant give-and-take. Existentially, no interaction can take place without these two – they are always in equal proportion; one can never be more or less.

However, with a little deeper perception of life one can see that there is no such thing as giving and taking. It is just life rearranging itself constantly. If you see everything as yours you just rearrange as necessary. In my experience, I have felt I am giving or taking. I don’t feel guilty about using anything and I don’t feel great about what I give.

When you realize that the essential process of life is a constant transaction, you will realize that for an iota of offering that you make there are a trillion things to receive all the time. Think of the forces of Existence and the zillions of creatures working, knowingly or unknowingly within your body and outside of it to make life possible. Everything in the Existence is somehow collaborating to keep you alive and well. So, only a fool thinks of himself as a giver because just to be alive is to receive in great abundance.

For a spiritual seeker, developing an attitude of devotion is actually a trick to receive. Because when you are devout, you become receptive. If your energies are truly receptive, the Divine has to reach out. It has no choice. If your energies have really become an invitation to the divine, no one – not the guru, not God – can refuse you.

Gautama Buddha once said, “When you are hungry and you still give your food to somebody else, you become stronger. This is the eternal law”. Medical science would tell you otherwise – “You grab somebody’s food and eat well, you will be strong”. The whole world says so and the medical science supports it. It is a fact in one level, but Gautama says, “When you are hungry, you give your food away to somebody else, you become stronger. This is the eternal law”. This is so.

People need to remember a simple fact: when you open your hands to give, your hands are also open to receive. Just the currency may be different. The receiving is guaranteed. To live is to give there is really no choice. Will you give joyfully is the question.

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