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I am Ragupathi. My native place is Arathi Agraharam village in Attur taluk, Salem district. Right now, I am doing my Ph.D (Chemistry Dept.) in National Tsin hua University, Taiwan. After I have done my graduation in 2005, because of financial constraints and lack of guidance, I don’t know what to do further. At that critical time, I got the help of Ramesh anna (Founder of Mugavari). Mugavari not only guided me towards my next step, but also provided me all sort of helps. In simple, a help in need is a help indeed. I am blessed with that timely help from Mugavari. And also as a Mugavari student, I have learned a lot of good virtues .
There’s a proverb "It is better to teach how to catch a fish rather than giving the fish directly". Isha programme which was introduced to me by Mugavari Foundation is exactly like ‘teaching how to catch a fish’. Especially through Yoga I learned discipline, confidence, tolerance, patience, decision making. Because of these things I am able to put my path firm in my walks. It made possible for me to study in one of the internationally renowned universities, NTHU with a monthly scholarship of 40,000.I owe a lot to Mugavari for this. Every month, I am contributing 7% (2,800) of my salary to Vanavil scheme. According to the saying “Self-help is the best help”, that those like me who got benefitted from Mugavari when start contributing to Vanavil scheme, in future it will be of great help to the students who are approaching Mugavari for help. I take pride in being a Mugavari student and I wish to contribute throughout my life…


Had there been no Mugavari foundation where would I have been now? I don’t know, but certainly not a civil servant. Civil services preparation requires financial support and moral support. Being a son of a farmer, I was not financially capable of aspiring such a big career. Through my friend Vetrivel, I got the opportunity of becoming a member of Mugavari Family.
After my graduation, I joined Mugavari Foundation. I learned Isha Yoga which strengthened my mental power .Through the activities in Mugavari Foundation, I slowly groomed myself towards my dream. But I did not know where to start with, how to prepare. Even I was not aware of the basics of civil service exam. It is Saidai Duraisamy sir’s Manidhanaeyam free IAS IPS Coaching Institute that offered me accommodation, coaching, study materials and books. I was one among the bunch of village students who got benefited and started chasing our dreams with the help of Manidhanaeyam Institution. I was lucky enough to get one more opportunity. With the sponsorship of Mr.R.Krishnamoorthy, MD, Surien Pharmaceutical, I was sent to Newdelhi by Mugavari Foundation for civil services preparations. I was not able to clear it in the one-go. It took time for me. In all these hard times, Ramesh anna, motivated me positively, prayed for me, to say in one sentence, he considered my aspiration as his own. Now I am in Indian Railways Traffic Services working as A.O.M, Palakkad division of Southern Railways. My dream is not yet fulfilled, I am working towards that.
I started getting salary from September-2012 and I am contributing 7% of my salary to ‘Mugavari Foundation - Vanavil ‘scheme. “Let us think of education as the means of developing our greatest abilities, because in each of us there is a private hope and dream which, fulfilled, can be translated into benefit for everyone and greater strength for our nation”.-John F .Kennedy. Mugavari foundation in my understanding is exactly doing it. I take pride in being part of Mugavari Family…


If we are not doing, what we are capable of we are not only betraying ourselves but also betraying the entire humanity. I would have betrayed myself if I had not met Ramesh Anna. I had literally buried my aim of becoming a civil servant due to the economic hardships our family was facing then. I was working as a primary school teacher when Ramesh Anna came to me on the request of one of my cousin Sankar. Ramesh Anna took extreme efforts and persuaded me to bring back my aim. And that is how I became a part of Mugavari.
After that my life had changed completely. It is not appropriate just to say that Mugavari is helping me in my struggle towards my aim. Today what I learnt, how I see the world and how I think all are the outcome of my being a part of Mugavari. To say simply without Mugavari I am not, what I am. Who else with my economic background can get the chance of going to Delhi for preparing for Civil Services exams? Who else can get a kind relationship with a person like R.Krishnamoorthi Sir who sponsored us through Mugavari? Not to the least who else can have a chance of getting nice relationship with such many good hearts?
In the way towards achieving my goal (UPSC Civil Services Exams) I have fallen four times. But I never stayed on the ground. Of course with the moral and economic support of Mugavari I am trying again to reach my destiny. In the mean while since I believed that I can be able to work simultaneously without compromising on my studies, I joined as Supervisor in Tamilnadu Agricultural Marketing and Agricultural Business Department by clearing TNPSC Group II Exam. I felt it will ensure to utilize my human resource in a proper way and as I am earning about Rs. 25,000/- per month I can also contribute to Vanavil (means Rainbow) scheme. Like the drop of water which gets the white light from sun and give back as wonderful colours, we the students of Mugavari can give back to the future students what we got from Mugavari in several ways. One such way is sharing a fragment of our earnings (7%) for the studies of upcoming students through Vanavil scheme. Like me my family is very happy as I enrolled myself in Vanavil scheme.
Great deeds are done in the realms of mind well before it occurs in reality. In our minds Mugavari had already reached its Zenith. We are looking forward for the day when it comes in reality. And I will be with Mugavari forever.


My name is K.Karthikeyan. When I was studying B,Sc. Maths in Chennai, my friend A.Prudhivirajan introduced me to Ramesh anna. I told him about my family situation and my problem in boarding in Chennai. He asked me to come and stay with him in Mugavari Hostel. This is how I came into contact with Mugavari.
When I came to Mugavari in 2007 Mugavari Foundation was struggling for its budget. But still it took care of my food, boarding and education expenses. I completed my graduation in Mathematics and became the first graduate in my family. Mugavari Foundation helped me to continue my studies by getting a seat for B.Ed. in SRM University which is out of my reach. Mugavari Foundation had done this with the help of Mr.R.P.Sathyanarayanan, Managing Director of New Generations Media.
Many good hearts like that of Mr.Saidai Duraisamy and Mr.R.P.Sathyanarayanan are helping Mugavari. I volunteered to contribute for Vanavil scheme of Mugavari Foundation and I am feeling happy and proud of it. Because now I am working in a private school as a teacher and it became possible only due to Mugavari. In this scheme I’m giving 7% of my salary to Mugavari. I am proud that this small contribution can help some students from poor background. Because I myself came from Mugavari.


My name is R.Vinothkumar. My native place is ThiyaganurPudur in Salem district. I am from an economically poor family. My father lost his vision in both his eyes. I got good marks in +2 and applied for Engineering but my family was unable to support for my higher studies. At this situation I came to know about Mugavari Foundation through Mr.S.K.Lakshmanan and I applied for help to Mugavari Foundation.
On 24.05.09 we got a chance to meet Dr.Parivendhar, Chancellor of SRM university at Trichy. Ramesh anna told him about my family situation. Knowing well about Mugavari Foundation the Chancellor gave me a seat in his institution with full fee concession and also provided hostel facilities for all the four years of my Engineering. Thus with the help of Mugavari Foundation I got a chance of studying in one of the biggest University in Tamilnadu. Today I am an Engineer in ACACIA Homes because of the timely help of Mugavari.
I wish to do a lot for Mugavari Foundation which is helping a number of students from underprivileged section. There is a scheme by name Vanavil in Mugavari Foundation. In this scheme students coming out of Mugavari are contributing 7% of their salaries voluntarily for the education of upcoming students. I am very proud that I am a member of this scheme.
I wish all those students who are studying with the help of Mugavari should participate in the Vanavil scheme and support Mugavari’s growth in the future.


After my graduation, as a childhood dream of becoming an IPS Officer I have started preparing for it and through my friend Prasanth and Vavipalayam Sundaramoorthy anna I came to know about Mugavari and simultaneously I got an admission in Manidhanaeyam IAS IPS Academy of Thiru Saidai Duraisamy for the preparations. I went to Chennai and stayed in Mugavari for 2 months and due to some situations, I returned back to Coimbatore and joined in a MNC and preparing for the exams. The days which I spent in Mugavari was awesome, it taught me a lot and it shaped my future thinking’s. To tell about Mugavari, it is not only helping the education of the students, it helps them to shape their future through lot of programs like Yoga, Knowledge sharing and many other useful sessions. We have many qualified students who are eagerly preparing for civil service exams and hopefully in the near future we can see many of our students will be in high positions in Indian Government.
After I have started earning, I wish to contribute something for Mugavari and Ramesh anna told me to Join in Vanavil and it is a scheme started by 3 pillars of Mugavari(Vetri, Boopathi and Ragupathi). I am happy to be a part of Vanavil as it helps us to give back 7% of our salary to Mugavari and it helps for the next generation students for their education and I hope soon all the people who is completing education through Mugavari will join in the Vanavil and will bring Mugavari to the next level. As Vivekananda said ,”If you can give them positive ideas, people will grow up to be men and learn to stand on their own legs” Mugavari helps the students to stand in their legs through his strong support and motivation. It is my pleasure to be a part of Mugavari.


My name is G.S.Durga. I came to know about Mugavari Foundation through Chandra kanth, during my UG final year. Since then Mugavari Foundation had changed my life completely.
During my UG final year, I was so confused about what to do further in my life. At that time, Mugavari Foundation conducted a meeting for its students with Vetri anna & Boopathi anna, for which Chandra kanth had invited me .They both were sharing their experience about civil service preparation with us and I felt that I have to become civil servant, so that I can serve the needy. When I shared my wish to Ramesh anna, he was so encouraging and motivated me to take up civil service as my ambition. Not only that, he also made me to join the civil service coaching classes to help me achieve my goal.
Mugavari wanted its students to be successful not only in their professional life, but also in their personal life. So for personal well being, ramesh anna made sure that Mugavari students take up ISHA yoga classes. Initially I was not much interested in those classes, but I took up those classes just not to hurt Ramesh anna’s feelings. But those classes turned out to be a miraculous and life changing experience for me. ISHA yoga helped me a lot for my mental and physical well being.
During my civil service preparation I had the habit of taking up most of the UPSC and TNPSC Competitive exams, as I thought it will help me in achieving my goal.
One such exam was RECRUITMENT OF ASSISTANT 2013 FOR 4 PSU GENERAL INSURANCE COMPANIES. I cleared the written test and interview session and got posted as an assistant in NATIONAL INSURANCE COMPANY LTD (periamet division). This would not have been possible without the coaching classes and Isha yoga. Simply saying, I would not have been, what I am now, without the help of Mugavari Foundation.
“Thankfulness is the beginning of gratitude. Gratitude is the completion of thankfulness. Thankfulness may consist merely of words. Gratitude is shown in acts.“- Henri Frederic Amiel.
I am always thankful to Mugavari Foundation. I started getting salary from December 2013 and I wanted to show my gratitude by contributing 7% of my salary to “MUGAVARI FOUNDATION -VANAVIL SCHEME”. Right now I am earning Rs.13,295/-p.m as my salary and I am contributing Rs.1000 p.m.
At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us. Mugavari has done that for me. I am very happy in contributing to vanavil scheme and proud to be a part of mugavari family.

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